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What makes us different?


We are an exclusive Social Bar in Casco Antiguo without reggaetón and where the music is kept at a volume that allowed for easy conversation without needing to yell. We are a specialized cocktail bar where we make unique cocktails tailored to our guests! With just a few questions, our mixologist bartenders can make you the cocktail you want for a WOW moment.

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The Nautilus


Anchored in the bowels of San Felipe is a hidden gem: an old and very particular ship. Powered by steam and some other unknown sources, the Nautilus has not lost its charm or elegance.


Restored by the Architect and upgraded by the Engineer, the Nautilus is ready with her crew to cast off and embark on a journey that will awaken all five of your senses with potions and concoctions created by our very own resident, The Alchemist.

Infused Spirits and Macerations

  • Chipotle Gin

  • Rosemary Gin

  • Thyme Gin

  • Spiced coffee rum

  • Fig and cardamom scotch

  • Jalapeño Tequila

  • Golden berry, Cinnamon, and Clove Rum

  • Chamomile rum

  • Lemongrass rum

  • Wildberry rum

  • Coconut and Pineapple Rum

  • Tamarind tequila

  • Guajillo tequila

  • Tree chile Tequila

  • Ginger vodka

  • Hibiscus and ginger vodka

  • Ginger vodka with black pepper

  • Red fruit vodka

  • Pistachio whiskey

  • Turrón whiskey

We have more than 40 infused spirits and macerations made in house with local and imported products, which we use in our creative cocktails.



The bar's décor is steampunk: a retro-futuristic and science fiction movement based in Victorian times when the steam-powered era was in full swing. It reflects how they saw the future back then. We have many stylish hats and masks for you to take photos with your friends!

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